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Inventas Media has invested in many resources to help develop its ability to deliver to our clients stylish, well-designed and well-planned websites. Add to this: well-written. Inventas Media offers copywriting as part of its web service. We can do the original copywriting, if required, or simply take a non-invasive editorial role in fine-tuning what the client gives us. Either way, your website will make good sense as it takes shape.

We have found that this ability allows the job to proceed without delay. It is an essential aspect of our fast-track website creation service. Inventas Media’s determination that website creation need not be a long drawn-out affair has culminated in its “Website in 2 Days” promotion being offered in late November 2001.

But website success depends on more than just design and words. A website can be like a poster in a forest – not even likely to be stumbled upon – unless something is done to enhance its visibility. On an ongoing basis, we study the techniques that enhance the effectiveness of communication over the Worldwide Web. Our copywriting techniques incorporate tactics that enhance a site’s status with search engines.

We have also developed expertise in matters relating to searchability. We maximise usage of meta descriptions and meta search elements, and our programmes maximise the submissions process offered by the various search engines. A range of tactics are exploited in an effort to get our clients’ websites near the top of search results on the various search engines.

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