Publicity Services

The media are always hungry for news to fill their pages and airwaves. Why not make it your news that they include? The trick is to have your news presented to the media in such a way that it is readily useful and appealing to them.
Matthew Bird’s former career as a magazine and newspaper journalist and editor gives us an insight into the workings of the media in this regard. We know the media, we talk their language and we have credibility with them. This is why we have ready success in gaining valuable publicity for our clients.

Among our clients in the publicity field are

Nestlé’s petfood division,

National Possum Control Agencies,

and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

For seven years, we have been responsible for successfully maximising media recognition of Nestlé’s sponsorship of sheepdog trialling at national championship level. The Tux name has been well and truly put in front of the farming public over that time. We have helped that organisation get a well-deserved payback for its considerable monetary contribution.