Our Quality Control service

Inventas Media has a number of clients, including other design and publishing companies, who use our proofreading services in the final stages of their publishing processes. Matthew Bird’s long career as a journalist and editor is the foundation of this service.

There is a huge need – not always catered for - in the area of quality control of published material. You only have to read your local newspaper to see that. Minor unnecessary errors of spelling, grammar and syntax can sabotage the credibility of any publication. Our thorough scrutinising is backed by a good knowledge of the language and a good general knowledge.

If you think you may need such a service, you are welcome to submit a few pages of your draft publication for a free assessment.
Preferably, send by fax to 04-472 9616.
E-mailing to invent@inventas.co.nz is acceptable but you must provide a fax number to receive our assessment.