Overseas After-hours service

Inventas Media’s all-round capabilities make it an ideal provider of publishing services to companies overseas wanting to exploit the time difference between them and this part of the world. The perfect … is in the UK with a 12-hour time difference, and 4 and 7 hours respectively in the case of USA’s western and eastern seaboards.

For this service, Inventas Media has built on team member Peter Woodcock’s ongoing business relationship with his old colleagues in England, who run AD2000, the major graphics company. That company’s confidence in Peter’s ability after ten years as their studio manager, was the breakthrough that Inventas Media needed.

Procedures, arrangements and understandings have been developed to enable a workable arrangement under which Inventas Media receives material by both fax and e-mail at the end of our clients’ day and the beginning of our own. The publication is e-mailed back to the client after a 10-hour contribution from “downunder”.

The experience with AD2000 has been put to good use in arrangements with other, mainly UK-based, design/publishing companies. Newsletters are routinely produced this way with Inventas Media providing typographical and layout services along with provision of appropriate graphics material to resolve space issues and indeed to provide graphical interest and design balance. For this purpose, we produce graphics tailormade to clients’ needs.