"The Fifty Rarest Birds of the World"

T The Specifications he

One thing about this book is the exquisite craftsmanship with which it has been put together.

Bound in forest green leather, the book is hand-sewn, and boasts a large format of 415mm x 315mm. The pages are gold gilt-edged to give the whole object a stunning finish. You have a collectible of real distinction. For storage and transit, the book comes in a special polystyrene protective box with lid and outer heavy-duty cardboard sleeve.

The contents of the book are something to behold. At least two years of hard work and research went into this project for internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Blake Twigden. The result is 100 images, two for each featured bird – one in cameo, the other featuring the whole bird and a representation of its natural habitat. An accompanying text on the facing page describes the particular bird's habits, habitat and its plight as a rare species. There are 216 pages.

Written by Mark Cocker in association with Dr Nigel Collar, Deputy Director of the International Council for Bird Preservation, the text is both brief and poignant.

The foreword has been written by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands.

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