Seychelles Magpie-robin

One of the Fifty Rarest Birds of the World

Copsychus sechellarum

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From "The Fifty Rarest Birds of the World" a collection of artworks in the form of a limted edition, collectible, leather-bound book of timeless quality.
Click here for a larger-screen view, but still little over half the size and quality of the rendition in the book itself.
This species is now restricted almost exclusively to Frigate Island in the Seychelles. The ICPB and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are jointly involved in a project to save this species.
This is such a stunningly beautiful bird that we have scanned the text from the book to complete the picture of a species in decline for all-too-familiar reasons. The text below is simply a graphic scanned at low resolution from the book.

The book is beautifully laid out with the few well-chosen words balanced perfectly against the artwork on the opposite right-hand page.
For a better appreciation of the aesthetics of the book, you can refer to our specifications pages.