Inventas Media

Inventas Media Ltd is a small publishing concern located in Central Wellington, New Zealand. It is the publisher of AgBrief, the agribusiness weekly newsletter service that is delivered both conventionally and online via e-mail and the Internet.

It offers publishing and publicity services to clients mainly in New Zealand. Inventas Media is agent for "The Fifty Rarest Books of the World", a limited edition, collectible book featuring works by world-renowned wildlife artist Blake Lawry Twigden.

Inventas Media is a well-respected Wellington company of some standing. It was established in 1986 by Matthew Bird, a Wellington resident whose credentials can easily be checked through contact with most people in the Wellington business community. Most importantly, you can visit Inventas Media, or have someone you know visit us on your behalf. We are at 15 Edward Street, Wellington. Our phone number is +64-4-472 9791.

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