A Sampling from this Wonderful Collectible Masterpiece:

"The Fifty Rarest Birds of the World"

The Greater Adjutant

The JPEG image (below) for this website hardly does justice to what you will see on Page 80 of the book itself. However, we hope it evokes something of the beauty of these works of art.

The original paintings by Blake Twigden are in oils on wood-board, in the belief that the effects achieved could not be got using any other medium.

The paintings are indeed works of art, as opposed to just technical recordings of these 50 rare and, in many cases, endangered species. Indeed, sadly, some are now declared extinct.

The Greater Adjuant (above)

In both wordsmithing and typographical terms, the commentary is a beautiful complement to Blake Twigden's stunning art. The photograph below typifies the fifty spreads there are throughout the book.

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